CZU dormitory coverage with Wi-Fi signal

Within the improvement of services at CZU, another stage of the implementation of Wi-Fi installation in the dormitory buildings of the university campus took place at the weekend of March 21-22, 2020. As part of this event, the Wi-Fi signal covered the track area, where this had not been the case so far. The university now also provides a standard network service at the EFG dormitory, which is also available elsewhere at the university.
The networks with the described purpose:

  • eduroam - designed for students and staff,
  • CZU-staff – intended for staff facilities managed by DICT,
  • CZU-guest – intended for visits that do not have the opportunity to join any of the above.

A total of 140 pieces of equipment were installed at the weekend and Wi-Fi is now available in a sufficient signal for all rooms.

More information about Wi-Fi services at CZU can be found HERE.

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