Unlimited mobile data during emergency time

The provider of telecommunications services at CZU offers from 18.3.2020 to 30.4.2020 the possibility to use unlimited mobile data.

Security warning: Cyber attacks

The current situation around Covid-19 is trying to use criminal groups to conduct cyber attacks.

Can't find the Wifi on FEM, T-Pavilion or Mensa?

Some devices with Windows and Intel wireless adapter cannot see Wi-Fi at buildings PEF, CEMS1, CEMS2, T-Pavilion (FTZ) and mensa. Problem is caused by old drivers for wireless adapter.

Dormitory network login change

Network login will be changed on CULS dormitories on 26. August 2019.

Limited access to IT HelpDesk office

On Saturady 31.07.2019 will be limited operation of the IT HelpDesk office due to work on floor surface. 

eduroam Wi-Fi network login change

Certificate for eduroam Wi-Fi network will be changed on 20 July 2019.

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