How to report suspected email

We publish dangerous e-mail messages (usually with link or attachment) on the website .

If you are not sure and have suspitions of a dangerous message, please report it to the OIKT engineers this way (MS outlook procedure):

  • open the received SPAM
  • use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Alt + F
  • address message with attachment to
  • fill in something like "Suspected message" to subject.
  • send the e-mail
  • email will be analyzed by IT team and you receive acknowlege
  • if the email will be resolved as dangerous, appropriate security steps will be implemented in the university's infrastructure

If the received email is demonstrably SPAM which you want block for next time, use this ways to report it :

  1. way - form MS Outlook:
    • open the received SPAM
    • use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Alt + F
    • fill the address of the newly created message with attachment to
    • optionaly fill the "Copy:" address to
    • fill in something like "Received SPAM" to subject
    • send the e-mail
  2. way - from web email portal OWA
    • log in to OWA using your email address and password
    • open the received SPAM
    • find "Junk" in menu
    • select Junk
    • use Report as Junk to Microsoft

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