eduroam Wi-Fi network login change

Certificate for eduroam Wi-Fi network will be changed on 20 July 2019. If your device is set up for eduroam correctly, you will not be able to connect after certificate change. You have to change certificate on all of your devices connecting to eduroam, but not before 20. July 2019.


Options for certificate change in your device:

  1. Forget the eduroam network in your device and set it up again, for example with eduroam CAT (eduroam with new certificate will be available from 20. July 2019)
  2. Only change the certificate on your device (new certificate is available here)


Manuals for connecting to eduroam are here.


Reason for certificate using is simple and very important:

Your login credentials are protected by using the certificate . Devices verify by the certificate that your login and password is sent to the correct server. If you are not using the certificate your password can be stolen on fake eduroam Wi-Fi.


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