Data Center - SPARK DC 01

We briefly inform you that we have just completed a very demanding marathon connected with the construction of the newest and most modern technology-data hall, which the Czechoslovak University has in Prague.

It has taken us a long time, but now we can proudly boast a hall that does not have large rooms, built to a high standard with an emphasis on keeping up with the latest security trends, technology availability and a continuous surveillance system. The data room is literally packed with state-of-the-art systems from cooling through fire extinguishing systems to surveillance and security systems, all with the utmost emphasis on maintaining the most ideal environment for running very demanding ICT technologies. Simply to make the servers feel at home at the five-star hotel.

For techno-savvy, it may be interesting to know that new premises are built with the emphasis on meeting the very demanding and prestigious TIER III standard, which we would like to bid in the future. This standard prescribes the redundancy of N + 1 elements with a permitted downtime of 1.6 hours per year and availability of 99.98%. It should be noted that only 6 datacenters can officially boast in such a high qualification degree in the Czech Republic.

We will provide a more detailed introduction of all the technologies our star child has and what he can do in the next work, now we only wanted to briefly inform you of very important facts for us.

Finally, we would like to thank the leadership of the Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague, which enabled us and mainly provided the means to implement this project.

Words of Director OIKT Ing. Petra Štěpána "I would like to thank Ladislav Stach for realizing a long-term vision, strong nerves and project management, Tomáš Kotka and Ondrej Vacek for the strict supervision during the implementation, colleague Apolena Mlýnská for coordinating and managing the project, and finally to all suppliers and colleagues, who have been involved in this project.

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